Why everyone talks about their cold showers.

A cold shower is the perfect representation for anything hard that you know you need to do. You test the water. It is cold. Unpleasant. You think to yourself “why am I doing this?”

“It would be easy to just turn the water temperature up.”

“No one would know.”

Except you would know. So you do it anyway because it’s the smallest things that you are the most stubborn about.

Once you get in… it sucks. For at least 17 seconds while your body adjusts to the freezing cold droplets that splatter across your shivering naked body, all you want to do is turn the water temperature up, or get out of the shower.

But you stay.

You stay because you are in control. And you want to do this for the silly little bit of pride you’ll have when you get to the other side.

Hard things, are no different. That’s why taking a cold shower is the first hard thing you must do if you want to do more hard things.

So take your cold shower, clean that filth off, and relish just long enough to do it all over again tomorrow.

Can you put the cart before the horse? Probably not. But what if it worked?