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Why everyone talks about their cold showers.

A cold shower is the perfect representation for anything hard that you know you need to do. You test the water. It is cold. Unpleasant. You think to yourself “why am I doing this?”

“It would be easy to just turn the water temperature up.”

“No one would know.”

Except you would know. So you do it anyway because it’s the smallest things that you are the most stubborn about.

Once you get in… it sucks. For at least 17 seconds while your body adjusts to the freezing cold droplets that splatter across…

We love the “idea” of doing a lot of things, but not the work to actually get them done.

We love consuming great things, things that took a lot of time and effort, but to love the process of tedious refinement is one that few people can say they dream about.

Over the next few posts, let’s explore some of the ways that you can make generating an income online.

Writing: The easiest way to get started because you probably already have the skills you need to click publish. …

Why do certain professions get treated so differently?

The idea of a physician is relatively new. The experience of walking into a cold gray sterile room sitting on rustling paper and thinking about what unique set of circumstances brought you to be in this very moment is a hallmark of modernity.

As I grow older I’ve had the opportunity to be on the “other side” of many transactions. As a child, you are almost always one the customer side. From ordering your first popsicle out of the ice cream truck to asking for two movie tickets on your first date…

You’ll never know what’s on the other side without taking the first step.

They say that you can only connect the dots looking backwards. That message is attributed to one of this era’s greatest entrepreneurs, Steve Jobs. There is a lot of truth to it. Life is about story, and stories are about life. A great story can’t be told until it’s done. Until it has happened and rests solely in the past… or can it?

We all dream of growing up to be someone. One day my pre-school teacher asked the class what they dreamed about growing up to become. My dream was to be a five-star hotel owner. I wanted to…

Max H.

Can you put the cart before the horse? Probably not. But what if it worked?

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